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A friendly note for the fellas: Best practices for Male Swingers
    • Last updated July 19, 2018
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A friendly note for the fellas: Best practices for Male Swingers

Posted By My Wild Lifestyle     August 2, 2016    


We love you, we really do. And, a man with nice body, handsome face, well equipped and is talented with his tongue...
well damn!!! The ladies appreciate you... honestly, we do.

However, if you are part of a couple, when approaching an
alleged unicorn always let your lady take the lead after introductions are made. Men who lead and leave their lady out of the communication
process simply look like cheaters trying to fuck around on their wives/girlfriends. If the two women don't bond on any level... chances are,
they're not going to play well together. No woman wants to feel like, you've just found her potential replacement.<

may enhance the Kink in a relationship, but done the wrong way, can ruin one. For the single male (this may apply to anyone).... present yourself well.
Nice photos, updated photos (no one cares what you looked like 10 years and 30lbs ago), tasteful nudes (moisterize!) or semi-nudes
(I wanna see those abs and booty too!). Show some wit and personality in your profile. Remember, your online profile is the first
impression that you're conveying to fellow swingers. If she thinks you're a dud... she's not gonna fuck you.

Know how to be a gentleman, and not just say that you are a gentleman. A simple... "Hello my name is ______,
I read your profile and would like to get to know you better", works wonders! This is a swing site, we are adults,
and we all know what the end goal is. So, stating your desire to have sex, in your intro message is rather redundant,
and can be downright, rude. The "nice tits! we should fuck!" message, will get you cursed out and blocked.

If you don't know how to talk to a woman in the vanilla world, approaching and engaging a swinger
will be even more difficult for you. Yes, we are all here for the same end goal... sex. However, that doesn't negate the fact
that we are still human beings who deserve to be respected.

There are those who desire a deeper connection...
and there are those who are simply creating random memories with random people. To each their own. Some couples will want to exchange
numbers and keep in touch, some won't recognize you at the next event. It's life, shit happens, try not to take it personal.

In the end,
keep the women communicating... keep your cool (and your erection!) Assert yourself and keep trying, you will reap the multi-orgasmic rewards.
And, always be a gentleman.




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  • Outspoken703
    Outspoken703  · August 2, 2016
    Great blog. Well said.
    NOTIME4GAMES  · August 2, 2016
    Certified post well said
  • HusbandsMistress
    HusbandsMistress  · August 2, 2016
    (Husband) Well spoken.
  • My Wild Lifestyle
    My Wild Lifestyle  · August 2, 2016
    great blog here!