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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 extension brings Shared Tagging

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Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 extension brings Shared Tagging

Posted By clairerr     November 8, 2021    


Recently BioWare announced several changes and improvements that came with the Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 extension. One of the major improvements to support the new weekly rotation is Shared Tagging. The developers stated that when they mentioned “tagging”, they were talking about who received SWTOR Credits (Mission credits and plundering abilities) for defeating NPCs. Currently, the default marking behavior is related to whether the player is in a group. Therefore, if players are grouped with other players, and one person in that group causes damage to an NPC, the entire group will share the SWTOR Credits.

For 7.0, the developers stated they are changing this default behavior to associate with factions instead. Therefore, if a player is attacking an NPC and another player in the same faction helps kill the NPC regardless of grouping or not, both players will share Mission SWTOR Credit and loot on that NPC. Sometimes, players share SWTOR Gold with any player, regardless of faction. World Bosses will be the first to use this “open tagging”. This should minimize the chance of grief and really encourage players to help each other defeat these bosses.

As a bonus, they also updated the marking rules to include healers. Besides causing damage to an NPC to mark it as a credit, the player who healed another damage to that NPC will also receive SWTOR Credits. These are significant improvements. Joining and taking part in the ongoing world boss battle is really great. By taunting the Boss and dragging it out of its hatred, making it evade and reset, individual players may still feel sad about the world's boss.

Mek-Sha World Boss, Dread Pirate Karvoy tried to ease this situation by establishing a fire boundary around the area. It would be great if the world bosses were more consistent in the time required to defeat them. The newer endgame bosses like those found on Ossus are fine, but it would be better if their health is directly proportional to the number of players taking part. If players want to beat the boss easily, players need to Buy SWTOR Credits as support.