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Keeping it Female Friendly- Boss Blaque
    • Last updated July 19, 2018
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Keeping it Female Friendly- Boss Blaque

Posted By My Wild Lifestyle     January 5, 2017    



Gangbangs, MFM threesomes... let's talk about female friendly activities.


She's the Queen, the center of attention, and her subjects have arrived solely to satisfy her needs. Her King is there to supervise, ensure that the subjects stay inline and that the lube and condoms are always within arms reach.


A female centered play session is the fantasy of many women. A room filled with men who are happy to fill her every orifice. Handsome well hung studs who caress every inch of her body with their hands and mouths, while bringing her to multiple orgasm ecstasy!  Yes, just like that.


The unfortunate truth of the matter is, many males are not ok, with sharing their women with other males. Some males love it, others will rarely allow it. I hate to say it, but there is sexism within swing. Men are encouraged to fuck as many women as possible, while some of those same males limit their women's activities. And, honestly, there are bisexual women who don't want attention from other males.


A female centered event usually has a 2:1 ratio in the woman's favor. At a female friendly event there are two males for every female (aka a MFM threesome), single males also benefit from this set up. A gangbang is a female centered event where there are, at minimum 4 or more males at the individual female's disposal. 


The desire to have a gangbang is one that I've heard other women confess to on more than one occasion. However, slut shaming has prevented many females from acting on their desire to have sex with more than one man at a time.


I've attended a few female friendly events, I prefer them matter of fact. I was previously advised, and will also advise my man loving sisters in sex accordingly...


The vetting process..
Get to know all of the bulls that you will be inviting to the gangbang. Both you and your partner should have a rapport with the bulls that you wish to play with. The bulls must also be comfortable playing with and around one another. Even though each male may trust and respect you... they may not feel the same about the other male(s) in the room.  If one males drops his pants and all the other males go dick shy, your gangbang will not work.


The fluffer...
Invest in a like minded friend who also desires to be the female center of all male attention. If all of the men that you've invited to the gangbang are living up to their titles as bulls, at some point, you may need back up. In order to keep the momentum going, a fluffer who will keep their dicks hard while you take a much needed bathroom break is priceless! A BFF shared gangbang, what are besties for!


The Guardian...
There must be one male in the room who is not fucking, but keeping an eye on all of the bulls. The guardian ensures that the agreed upon rules are enforced. No anal, he ensures no one forgets and tries to slip a dick in your ass. No bareback, the guardian ensures the condoms are readily available and are utilized at all times. If needed, the guardian also helps with fluffing the female... encouraging her to continue and providing her with the needed emotional support. The guardian is usually the females partner or significant other. A man, who the bulls would think twice about crossing.

The reality...
The female centered event is my personal favorite. I like playing with women, but got damn, I LOVE having more than one man at a time. I've got three holes, at least 2 should be filled at all times. The reality of it all is the type of men who attend female friendly events are usually not the well hung Adonis studs that our wet dreams are made of. Gangbang regulars may be the single males who can't get pussy elsewhere. Sad but true.


Sensory overload, with all those men staying hard to fuck you silly, you have to live up to the hype. You have to bring your A game. A gangbang is not the time to play the pillow princess. Be prepared to be bent, stretched and contorted into positions that may hurt your back, neck, thighs, jaw, etc. There are not one, not two but 5 or more cocks to be sucked and fucked. Build up your stamina to suck and fuck them all, twice! Again, invest in a fluffer to help you out.


What is the theme of your female friendly party? Bukkake, creampie, bareback, Queen of Spades, are bisexual men allowed? Will you expect the bi men to play with one another? Know what you want, how you want it, and communicate those desires to your bulls, and ensure that your guardian is able to enforce the rules.


Things may get primal...
You've found and fucked the 5 or more bulls individually. And, they are now all in a room ready to deliver the gangbang of your dreams... there is a bit of reality that I would like you to consider. Things may get primal. Yes, you read that correctly. Primal. A room full of horny men waiting their turn to fuck the only women in that room, can easily turn into a feeding frenzy. Heed my suggestion... make sure that guardian can handle the men in the room. If he needs to PROHIBITED someone out, he better be able to do so! A room full of horny men can get out of hand. Envision a pack of hungry wolves eating their first piece of meat in a week. They will rip the flesh off of your bones... or it may seem like it. No matter how well you've vetted your potential bulls, in a room full of naked horny men with their dicks in their hands... things can go left, fast.


Humiliation, degradation, objectification and verbal abuse...
Women who desire to be the center of male sexual attention may also enjoy humiliation, objectification, degradation, verbal abuse, etc... Some do, others don't. Once things get hot and heavy in a gangbang, you will be objectified. You may be degraded, you may be verbally abused. If you are into that form of play, yeah!!! If not, you must let your guardian and your bulls know that you are not into be called a fucking nasty cock loving bitch... in the middle of the play session. You may love it when your partner pulls your hair, wraps his hands around your throat, slaps your ass and call you a worthless cunt. A room filled with 5 or more men saying those same words, and taking those same actions may feel much different, and not in a good way. 


As always, play to your heart's desire. Have fun and pace yourself. Keep it kinky and play safe. And, don't let anyone slut shame you for liking the sexual attention men... many men!


Happy Hunting!


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  • Murdock
    Murdock  · December 19, 2019
    Beautiful said great info
  • KrisTrav
    KrisTrav  · July 7, 2018
    This was great info. Been thinking about a Gangbang. Now i have something to go on
  • TheaterCoupleLA
    TheaterCoupleLA  · March 31, 2017
    Awesome read!
  • SuffolkBbc
    SuffolkBbc  · January 6, 2017
    Once again you are totally correct