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A Personal Introduction
    • Last updated August 10, 2012
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A Personal Introduction

Posted By catsgotya     August 10, 2012    


Tall...Mature...Intelligent...Silly...Reflective...Crass...Bi...VERY involved/In Love with EROTIC CITY...Fun-loving...No-Nonsense...Aggressive...Feminine... Poly-amorous...Swinger

Getting to know me involves getting acquainted with my thoughts and words. Stroking my Cerebral kick starts my Insatiable. Mindless fucking tends to bore me or merely provide fodder for observational case study. However, a good Mind Fuck gets the blood racing and keeps me intrigued.

I adore the prospect of new friends, close and kindred. I scoff and occasionally berate the disrespectful and ignorant. Please stop by and chat sometime. Let's create a fascinating experience.


1 comment
  • Erotic City
    Erotic City  · August 13, 2012
    hi baby!!