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My First Night
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My First Night

Posted By catsgotya     December 31, 1969    


Hello my Sexies. Recently, a question was posed about, well, how we ended up here. Since I can never just write 5 sentences and be done with it, I decided to share a slice of My world right here. Nothing too salacious. This entry is going to be an introspective journey and probably not very PC. I am speaking as just my own entity, not as the super vocal mouthpiece of MWL this time. I hope y'all dig it.

  My first experience was going to a meet and greet. A guy that was interested in dating me was old friends with the organizer of the event, and simply convinced me to go and check it out. I was a part of the online group that had organized it, and was comfortable enough with certain names and faces because I had been chatting with folks and participating on forums. Just getting a feel for the overall vibe. 

I was more focused on the social aspects and ideology instead of just fucking. Which is still more of my speed today. I can just fuck anywhere. Never needed the LS for that and was doing LS shit way before I was a part of it. I just wanted to be accepted. 

So, I trekked from far in the depths of the North Bronx, via subway, to the far depths of Brooklyn, by myself, with my sexy outfits and heels in a bag, to go and check out a variety of folks that I was excited to finally speak to in person, and hopefully get a gander at folks doing sexy stuff in front of me. 

I honestly was not sexually floored by any of the profiles I had seen, except for a few chicks here and there. Mostly, the ones that I was interested in and reached out to were all trying to force their dudes on me as some package deal. That never works with me. 

**Insert obligatory disclaimer about NOT being a unicorn just because when I am single, I can have relations with women and sometimes men...right here. We ain't all built the same. Broaden your perspectives, People.**

SN: I was told about swinger sites by people who knew my particular plight of trying to find hot sex with bi women, like myself . I had been facing some drama with some of my playmates and prospects at the time, due to a lot of judgement and misunderstanding about my type of fluidity. #PolyProblems I was sold the tale that I could find women like myself who were just free to like what they like, without judgement or coercion of unwanted threesomes; and that I would not get a bunch of random dudes bothering me. Let's just say, I was told a lot of bullshit on both of THOSE points; but I never had a problem seeking and asserting exactly what I want. 

In any case, at the party, I ran into a woman that I used to date when I first came out in my regular vanilla life. She was kind enough to put me under her wing and introduce me to her circle, including, ever so briefly at the time meeting a man that I would become romantically and quite definitely sexually inclined with for a few years. I got some pretty positive attention and a lot of folks wanting to eat my pussy. Sure, knock yourself out if that's how you want to say Hello. I didn't mind. Still wasn't neccesarily the crowd that made me wanna do anything sexy back, but they sure were friendly. I discovered that evening that I REALLY liked getting duty-free oral. Sue me. Eventually, I got into a vibe of a few flirtations, a LOT of watching all types of sexual configurations openly happening all around me (LOVED that shit), and prancing around in heels and lingerie with all of the confidence and raw sexual female prowess that my little ass could muster.

 I dug these unabashedly sexual and free beings that just...did them...without judgement or embarrassment. I became friends and road dawgs with a network of varied folks that were introduced and referred to me by someone I had a very intimate trust and comfort with. I, in turn, introduced others into my network of trusted and comfortable friends. Whoever found their particular mutual spark within said connections, and created whatever sexual greatness that grown consenting mutually attracted folks make.

 Truthfully, you won't wanna fuck everybody...and everybody won't wanna fuck you. That's just life. We all have choices and preferences. Especially when it comes to what you want to do with your own body. But, you WILL find your right fit and vibe out there, eventually.

 15 years later, I have been in and out of the game. I have had experiences straight out of PornHub dreams and various category lists. I have made some rather ill advised character judgements as far as certain lovers that I have taken on...I call those my "life lessons" (can't win em all). I have made plenty of invaluable connections and true friendships...fuck that, some are just MY circle, MY Fam. I have partied hard, came hard, loved hard, cried hard...just about every aspect of real life, I have touched upon in this journey that had just started out as "surface level fantasy fulfilment ". Go figure. I have seen marriages and babies happen. I have experienced and witnessed a few difficult breakups. I have been moral support and accepted moral support for folks who reinvented themselves due to the different phases of their lives. In the LS, you can put yourself in whatever box and lane suits you best within that moment. You can take away all of your boxes and just fucking Live Your Truth. You can channel your inner porn star and share your exploits with kindred spirits. You can discretely seek out deeper connections with a finite number and variety of consenting beings who share your particular view of a more poly existence. You can just pass through, answer a few play dates or inbox inquiries, sow your oats and never speak again about "that one time that you..." Honey, it's YOUR world. Do you. Create whatever narrative fits you the best, and don't be afraid to just reach out and explore.


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  • Lustybutclassy
    Lustybutclassy  · April 7, 2020
    Definitely love the honesty, and the way you painted a picture with words.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Insatiable
    Mr. and Mrs. Insatiable  · May 4, 2019
    This is amazing and helped my man so much. Thank you!
  • thatguy1
    thatguy1  · May 7, 2018
    you better be in the process of writing a book. it's clear there is a effortless talent here.
  • bodyright
    bodyright  · May 7, 2018
    good job giving a visual, truly loved this rawness!!! - Mrs.