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DESPERATELY SEEKING SEXY: How to Approach LS Women Successfully
    • Last updated February 15, 2018
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DESPERATELY SEEKING SEXY: How to Approach LS Women Successfully

Posted By catsgotya     July 27, 2016    


Hello Couples, Gents and 

My name is Mo....and I LOVE SEX!!!

Phew!!! Now that we have gotten THAT out of the way, end of the article...Right?

Not exactly. For myself and (as some of you will be very suprised to know) for a fairly large sector of this community, sex is not the biggest factor of being in the Lifestyle {LS}. Sometimes, sex isn't even one of the top factors.

This is a community. Within this community are subsets where you will see certain differences in who likes what, differences in crowds and in how they rock their ideology of how this world works. Within the subsets are the smaller more intimate groups that will sometimes refer to themselves as "family". To the outsider or the uninitiated, I have heard a lot about how certain groups seem to be rather clique-ish. When folks share what is most important to them in this world (their spouses or sig O's) between one another...and like it...and do it repeatedly; it is not hard to to see how these people can become close, be familiar with each other's families, know real names, be friends on social media, reach out to one another on a regular basis AND hang out with *gasp* their clothes on. Friends who fuck each other's Loves can and do get rather close...but that doesn't mean that you can't get to know them as well. We all had to start somewhere...

"What does this have to do with us? We are here for the are a chick...why the EFF are you babbling about couples?"

Ok...Ok... Stay with me here.

I am, at the moment, unattached.  But I damn sure wasn't always and I have quite a few years under my belt in the LS. It gives me a bit of an unique perspective. With that being said, historically, attached women in the LS are generally treated with a lot more respect than our single ladies, or pretty much any woman that does not have a male counterpart prominently visible on the profile. Ladies get propositioned like a hooker on Craigslist giving out freebies in their mailbox without even so much as a "Hi, my name is..., What's yours? What are you into? Are you interested?" Although I in NO way, shape or form do I or will I ever classify myself as a unicorn (I respect those who do and who keep sniffin em of luck G), unicorn hunter posts on here can be more than a bit demeaning:

From folks giving others lessons on molding a freak from scratch to a post today calling out WOMEN like they are lost pets to the straight out of Fetlife "Get on your knees and suck Daddy's dick for me"...a lot of it comes off as some rather dehumanizing shit.


Our ladies in relationships are not neccesarily exempt. Many times, people will approach a hot woman in a very apparent couple's profile like she is single or readily available to be borrowed like a book in the library. Shout out to the cucks and the hot wivers who roll like that...but most couples...they just...don't.


Just ask respectfully what they are into and what MIGHT be possible down the road. Please folks, respect one another and each other's relationships in a way that you would like to be respected. I really shouldn't have to remind adults of this in the middle of 2016, but hey...



For those good people who show common sense and home training, you never know. As I said, many of us enjoy strings being attached to our flings. Many of us prefer if not demand to make friends and genuine connections before diving into the goods. Not to say that sometimes folks don't feel froggy.


But, be cool, be respectful, and act social. Appreciate all of the ladies for the sexy vixens and GODDESSES that we are and recognize that YOU are lucky to be in our presence, not the other way around. Community is supposed to protect, uplift and enjoy each other. You might just meet some amazing people and have some amazing experiences.



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  • sexyblackcouple
    sexyblackcouple  · October 14, 2016
    The hubby and I just got around to reading this. Thank you for sharing some of our same thoughts and offering insight to others. We look forward to meeting you soon.
  • CandG126
    CandG126  · August 28, 2016
    Great read, love it.
  • 3rdparty
    3rdparty  · August 3, 2016
    Perfectly put.
  • XoCoupleXo
    XoCoupleXo  · July 28, 2016
    Good read!