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Do you have a friend that knows about your lifestyle, but is too scared to try it for themselves?

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Do you have a friend that knows about your lifestyle, but is too scared to try it for themselves?

Posted By joenshanshan      November 7, 2018    


Welcome to the Swing Set - A Beginners Guide to Love, Sex & Swinging
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Are you intrigued but scared to start in the lifestyle?
Do you have worries about what to expect and if you’ll be accepted?
Do you have fears about jealousy or even losing your spouse, if you were to consider this type of life?

Have you started in the lifestyle but have run into a few hurdles that you are having a hard time overcoming? Hopefully, as you read this book, those questions and fears will be answered.

I have outlined a few do’s and don’ts, sexy or awkward stories, and tips and tricks I would have loved to have known before I started swinging. All of these things are to help you decide if this is the right lifestyle for you and hopefully help you through the trying times. Although the lifestyle is not for everyone, some of the communication skills can be (and should be) used by everyone. This book is not to talk you into the lifestyle, give you all the positives or negatives, but to acquaint you with the lifestyle by letting you in on our real life stories, so you can make your own decision and maybe even learn from our mistakes.

As you’ll find out

in Chapter 1, About Us, I’ve been swinging since I was 19 years old and have been through many trials and pleasures. Jake and I really love introducing new people and this is a great way for us to reach so many more. This book contains real life experiences, raw and up close. The reason I wrote this book is to help others, like myself, who are apprehensive and nervous about swinging. I am sharing many life lessons that I would have loved to have had before I began my journey. I will show you how it can make your relationship grow and help you feel more confident and less worried about what lies ahead. All we know is what we were raised around. It’s mind blowing when you realize that there are so many ways to love.
Claire A. from Pennsylvania says, “This book leaves you wanting more! It’s insightful and personal and you can tell she really loves her life and wants to share her experiences with you to help you. And she acknowledges it is not for everyone. Everyone can take something away from this book”
If you follow my suggestions throughout this book, you too can have a blast in this new world of sex, love, play and open marriage. Don’t be the person who has to learn everything first hand. These tips, tricks and stories will help you navigate through situations that you may encounter. Don’t be unprepared.
Start your journey into all of this sexiness by preparing yourself for what’s to come. No need to wait or put this off. If you decide that this sexy, fun lifestyle is not for you, the stories and lessons in this book can even help you in your vanilla relationship as well.