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Why I Swing

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Why I Swing

Posted By joenshanshan      November 10, 2018    


Why would anyone want to swing? Why would someone ever want to see their loved one having sex with someone else?
Welcome to the Swing Set

I started because it is so much fun! Don’t get me wrong, there are hard times too, but looking back I have zero regrets about becoming a swinger at 19 years old. I’d much rather have sex with others and have my husband be 100% aware of and okay with it then potentially be led to cheat. It erases all the anger and pain caused by secrecy.
I feel like divorce tends to happen for one of two reasons – sex and money. I’ve got the sex thing covered, I think. If one person isn’t as horny as the other or someone looses interest and cheats, that could cause major trust issues or worse, tear a marriage apart. It’s the honesty that makes the difference! My husband has slept with tons of other women since we’ve been married. He has cheated on me once, in the very beginning. Guess in which situation we almost lost everything?

It's really not about the act of having sex with someone else.

It’s really not about the act of having sex with someone else. It’s the malicious intent, secrecy and lies that go along with it! I can’t tell you how many relationships I’ve seen that end because the couple felt that they couldn’t be honest with each other about their unhappiness or their interest in other activities or the sex becomes mundane. Also, couples take the little loving things for granted. Often times, these couples could’ve saved their relationship if only they had been able to open up with each other.
 I know it’s crazy to think that anyone would enjoy watching their spouse have sex with someone else. It amazes me EVERY time how much it turns me on and makes me feel even closer to him. Some of my best orgasms have been lying next to him and a woman playing, while I play with myself. He makes sure to give me loving looks and caress my breasts from time to time, to make sure I feel included.
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