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The "Don't Do's" of Swinging
    • Last updated December 19, 2014
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The "Don't Do's" of Swinging

Posted By My Wild Lifestyle     December 10, 2013    



Going of a conversation I had with a close couple yesterday, a lot of times couples or singles in the lifestyle don’t really understand what the do’s and don’ts are of swinging environments. A lot of people in our community today are very new and maybe make some of these mistakes as they don’t realize that it’s a bad idea, or how these actions can make other couples skeptical of them. So here is a list of “Top 8 Don’t do’s” of swinging.


1.       Grooming: We have to respect everyone’s likes and dislikes on this topic, but one thing is for sure, if you do like hairy midsections, you need to keep it trimmed and groomed. You should never try to meet another couple/single with wild bushy pubic hair. That’s a dead turnoff!!


2.       Never argue in front of other people period.


3.       If you are new to swinging, and you are only interested in having 3sums at this time to get your feet wet, please understand two things. Firstly, Couples that are full swap don’t like when you ask them if the wife can play alone. Secondly, 3sums are not swaps or swinging. In order to swing you have to both be sharing.

4.       Please don’t talk or do anything to other couples or singles that you or your partner would not like done to themselves.


5.       If you don’t have pictures up on your profile, don’t ask if you can see someone else pictures.


6.       Don’t be fake. A lot of times, especially on the internet, couples profiles are created and managed solely by the male of the couple. Males should never act like they are the fem, nor should you say that your fem is interested in things that she is not just to have fun on the internet, only to be proven as a lie in the end. The lifestyle circles are small, and you will get branded as fake.


7.        Never say you’re interested in a couple and down to meet when you know you aren’t.


8.       Don’t show any fake pictures or representations of yourself when getting to know other couples.


Please take the time to discuss these in comments. If you feel some should be added, modified or you don't agree. Let us know.


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  • sylph
    sylph  · December 17, 2013
    <p>what can I say that catsgotya did not already say ????</p>
    <p>I guess I will reiterate the freshness part !! shower and brush your teeth between dicks ladies, and sometimes between pussies for the fellas ! </p>
  • wildduecez
    wildduecez  · December 12, 2013
    amen cats
  • FoxyBrown
    FoxyBrown  · December 12, 2013
    Love you Mo....
  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · December 11, 2013
    <p>For the love of everything good in this world, especially on THIS site, PLEASE stop using penguins, stock pics from the internet, fake photos and all other types of "Not you" fuckery to represent yourself on privatized adult sites...  more