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Lifestyle Do's & Don'ts

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Lifestyle Do's & Don'ts

Posted By joenshanshan      November 17, 2018    


See the full list of Do's & Don'ts in your own copy of "Welcome to the Swing Set" by S.Husher available HERE

  • Make agreements ahead of time about what you both are comfortable with.
  • Encourage each other to try something new – like sleep with someone of a different ethnicity or body type.
  • Play together to create closeness and trust.
  • Learn to deal with your jealousy. Tips for this in Chapter 9 of "Welcome to the Swing Set"
  • Be laid-back and easy-going. Don't let little things irritate you.
  • Pick up new tricks and tips and show your partner.
  • Have fun with it, after all that's why we call it play.
  • Remember people grow in life, as well as in the lifestyle. Your rules, as a couple, may change but those are decisions made together, not on the fly by one of you.
  • Join the lifestyle to make your partner happy. If you’re not at least intrigued by the idea of the lifestyle, it’s not for you.
  • Expect your partner meant to make a mistake maliciously.
  • Join the lifestyle to save a marriage! That works about as well as having a baby to save a marriage.
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  • BriJ1224
    BriJ1224  · Jan 28
    Awesome! Especially the part about not being in just to please your S.O.
  • Short Chocolate
    Short Chocolate  · Jan 27
    Thank for advice.
  • manmohan
    manmohan  · November 21, 2018
    Wooo .........thats a jaw drop
  • kerryandlisa
    kerryandlisa  · November 17, 2018
    How u Dorun peoples