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The Unabridged Welcome to MWL 2.0...A Newbie Guide
    • Last updated September 18, 2012
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The Unabridged Welcome to MWL 2.0...A Newbie Guide

Posted By catsgotya     September 18, 2012    


Hello Friends and Lovers. Welcome to MyWildLifestyle 2.0. Sit down, relax your feet and stay a while. MyWildLifestyle is a community of open minded and sexually expressive couples and individuals who seek solace and kinship among like minds and sexy friends.

Many of you may be newcomers to this Lifestyle(LS) and shy or unsure how things work here; or even how to reach out to others. Well, the first rule is to be respectful. Always keep in mind that you are talking to people's wives and girlfriends. Folks WILL reprimand you if you come at them the wrong way. Also, you may gain a bad reputation for that.

The community recognizes certain single women, singles who choose to partner and play together and trusted single men as swingers. However, many people will be in long standing relationships and take the most comfort in those that understand these general guidelines. Remember that swinging is a mindset first and an activity second.

Do not be overly aggressive. It is cool to show viable interest but just being personable works wonders. You and your partner should always be on the same page and put up an united front. Couple's insecurities on display are NEVER sexy. It is important to have open communication established first. Both of you should know what you are cool with one another doing and what is not as cool. (Be prepared for things to change as you become more comfortable with the LS and each other)

Please do not try and get anyone who is involved to sneak off and play alone without the consent of their partner(s). That is bad swinger etiquette. If someone ever volunteers to do that on their own; then that is a judgement call.
Be aware that about 85% of the time that when you are chatting online with a couple, you WILL be speaking to the male. Don't ask me why. It just

Be vocal about whatever you need to be most comfortable. Never be afraid to say exactly what it is that you are looking for sexually. Closed mouths don't get fed and that is what we are here for. Also, never be afraid to ask people about anything pertaining to safe sex...its YOUR life!

Lastly, enjoy yourselves and make friends. There are some really great people AND great lays out there. Don't be afraid to discover anything just beyond the fling. But if a fling is all that you are looking for, have the wettest and wildest time possible. We salute you!


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  • KittnSylph
    KittnSylph  · September 19, 2012
    Beautifully put [x=39]catsgotya[/x]!
  • Erotic City
    Erotic City  · September 19, 2012
    Dont be, Lifestylers are usually very approachable especially if they are attracted to you. Also if you see someone you know.. They are there for the same thing as you and have the same demons in there closet,lol
  • Erotic City
    Erotic City  · September 19, 2012
    Agreed [x=39]catsgotya[/x] especially when it comes to going to events. Your never going to learn what the lifestylye is about just on the internet. You need to be physically in it. face to face with other like minded people. Able to talk with them and...  more
  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · September 19, 2012
    Good question and thanks for asking. First of all, welcome back and I hope that you can find some delicious options within our community. Now back to the question at hand. The easiest way for new couples to get acclimated and find other people of...  more