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How Freaky Are You??
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How Freaky Are You??

Posted By sylph     January 18, 2016    


Think you're a freak?? Think again! Check out this list and see where you stand, see how deep your freak is:

Light Fetishes

This includes spanking, mutual masturbation, role play, voyeurism and exhibitionism. These are fetishes many people have played around with and are commonly accepted as healthy components of any sexual relationship.

Gray Fetishes

This list includes rope-play (not to be confused with role-play!), swinging ;), group-play, bondage, wax, anal stimulation, choking, sensory deprivation and submission/domination. Essentially this list is for the cool kids. Many people who have responsible sexual inquiries will find that some, if not most of the activities listed, are physical and emotional adventures, leaving you satisfied and still intrigued. It is best to practice any of these fetishes with someone who you trust.

Dark Fetishes

These are more humiliating and potentially dangerous fetishes, that even practitioners of the above list may not consider. If your partner is curious in partaking in a dark fetish, it is always best to assess where these desires come from. Stay weary of someone engaging in any behavior that mimics abuse/trauma they have experienced in their own life. Psychologically, most people are capable of engaging in the following behaviors with little to no consequence; still many people frown upon sexual activities like this and may never entertain them at all.

This list includes fisting, public humiliation, urine-play, scat-play, self-mutilation, hardcore submission/slave-play.


So tell me Sexy family... how freaky can you get?


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  • Outspoken703
    Outspoken703  · July 31, 2016
    We are a couple of the cool kids!! #50ShadesofGray
  • dtf8283
    dtf8283  · July 4, 2016
  • Illustratedxxx
    Illustratedxxx  · June 9, 2016
    Dark grey
  • sylph
    sylph  · June 5, 2016
    <p>being peed on??? @leash i want to hear more</p>