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3 Steps of Success for Perenially Single Men @ LS Events

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3 Steps of Success for Perenially Single Men @ LS Events

Posted By catsgotya     September 28, 2019    


1. Do your due diligence in research. Find out who will be in attendance. Make connections ahead of time so you can have a feel for the crowd and anticipate attendance.

2. Check the Price List before you leave the house. If the price is too steep, stay home or...

3. Find a Woman. Easiest would be to reach out to the generally cool women that you know would be down to go to a strip club with you. Exes...FWB...I dunno, perhaps the actual woman that you are in a real relationship with. Bringing sand to the beach is smart for literally all of the reasons. It doesn't make you seem desperate and unable to pull women in real, then you actually have someone to possibly explore with together. Bringing an attractive woman with you will attract more women to this context. Even if you go with someone that you aren't currently intimate with, it just looks long as you don't ditch them as soon as you get into the spot. Then you just look creepy and desperate again. Lastly, you can TRY to reach out to single women in the community and see if they feel like being your ticket. Offer to pick them up, get the bottle and pay for the full couple's admission. Probably after tallying that all up, it will come out to the same amount as going dolo anyway. That's on you. 

4. Always Remember that you aren't paying for guaranteed access to all holes in attendance (that happens in brothels or low rent stripper parties). You literally are paying for access to an opportunity to bring your A game and have a different kind of night than at a vanilla spot. If you are dry and lame or corny in real life, you probably are dry and lame and corny here too. Take it as a chance to show a better side of you instead of a worse one. Don't act towards any woman in attendance (single or attached) in any way that would get you beat up or ejected from a strip club...or any other fine establishment, for that matter. The price is offset by being BYOB as well, so stop acting like babies about it.