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Is there a winning strategy for a decent single guy in the lifestyle?
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Is there a winning strategy for a decent single guy in the lifestyle?

Posted By largo707     September 16, 2016    


The easy answer seems hell yea, but let’s break it down a bit.  I also understand that there are some single guys that give “decent” single guys a bad wrap and it's just easier for couples and single women to stay clear until the stars align lol.

From a “decent” single guy’s perspective that’s exactly what it seems like.  The stars need to be aligned before you are treated like an individual and not just another single guy.  But let’s at least look at the options…

Everyone mentions going out to events, but do you understand one event can cost a single guy a few hundred dollars each time.  Plus going to an event can be hit or miss.  I’m not a cheap guy at all, but do I really have to put out hundreds of dollars by attending multiple events to prove that I’m a “decent” single guy?

There’s also the option of going to events with a playmate.  There are some perks to this (reduced admission, guaranteed playtime, etc) but there are also some cons.  You’re restricted to not really being a single guy and you better not venture off solo during the event….you’re definitely gonna be labeled “that guy”.  You know that guy who looks like he sent his girl to the bathroom, just so he can run around alone.  I swear you have to do so much just to not look like a creep.  And there are also the couples who choose not to play with “arrangements” like that.  To a degree I understand, but on the flipside it just adds another barrier for a “decent” single guy.

For me personally, couples are tricky.  It’s similar to what BossBlaque mentioned, we are not the help.  This is as much an experience for us (single individuals), as it is for you.  It often times comes off as….”well you get to fuck my wife, so you have no rights.”  I’m not in the lifestyle to get my sexual numbers up, nor do I look at fucking your wife as my greatness accomplishment.  This should be a pleasant mutual experience for each for us.  Am I wrong?

With that being said and maybe this is just me, but I like to have sex the way that I like to have sex.  I’m passionate, I’m touchy-feely, I like to talk my shit.  It’s not comfortable getting into your element, yet wondering if you’re going too far, is everyone really comfortable, or even knowing that the woman is having similar thoughts, so she draws back.  For example, there are many couples who don’t allow kissing and I respect everyone’s decision-making, but again, I like to have sex the way that I like to have sex.  Should I not be allowed the same freedoms as you, because I’m a single guy?

The websites
Simply put, you gotta be in it to win it.  It does you no good to have a profile, yet no one knows you exist, so you have to be active.  The thing is...after multiple comments, messages, and likes, do you come off as the site creep?  “He’s always commenting” can easily be said about a single guy just staying active and present on the site.  Is there really a winning strategy for a “decent” single guy?  

Final Jerry Springer
I hope I haven’t come off as a disgruntled single guy, as I have had my fair share of great experiences in the lifestyle.  But in the thought of improving, I was led to many of the thoughts I mentioned above.  Is there truly a winning strategy?  I’m really curious and I’m sure there are other “decent” single guys out there who share similiar sentiments.  

What should we do guys lol?  I personally am not going to compromise my sought out experiences, because it is I that is CHOOSING to be a part of this lifestyle.  I honestly feel that no one should have to compromise, but hey… each’s own.

This was a fun topic to speak on and I want to make it clear that this is just from my perspective.  I totally know that there are other single guys who have completely different views and experiences.  These were just my combination of words stemming from thoughts….and BossBlaque has been very inspiring with her blog posts lol.  



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  • .....
    .....  · June 8, 2018
    Yessss my guy, it’s hard out there for a bachelor lmao
  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · October 25, 2016
    "Share the sausage" is currently my favorite phrase of the week. Thanks! LMAO Also, thank you for bringing this to our attention Some1missing1. I will let the powers that be know.
  • XNL721
    XNL721  · October 25, 2016
    @some1missing1 With most couples the female is Bi.... That does not mean you have to play with the female half at all. My hubby is straight and we don't fuck all the same girls. Just saying there are women willing to share sausage with no problem at all
  • exoticmenage735
    exoticmenage735  · October 4, 2016
    It's brutal of there for a single guy. Some parties seem to be only set up to fleece you. They charge you through the roof, promise you many single women and when you get there it's a circle jerk. On top of it or seems to be a sport among...  more