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Whos really lacking in the art of seduction...Him or Her?
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Whos really lacking in the art of seduction...Him or Her?

Posted By largo707     November 21, 2016    


This blog post stems from recent comments and personal experiences.  There were a lot of people chiming in on guys having lost the art of seduction or never have even learned it in the first place.  I have seen this and can agree, but let’s not leave out the flip side to this conversation.  There are many women who preach a whole gospel on the etiquette of their preferences when being approached to converse or play, yet engage in the same actions that they preach against.  


I have a strong desire for sexual activities, but……

Sweetheart, “where ya dick at” or “just pull ya dick out” didn’t entice me when I heard it in highschool and it definitely doesn’t excite me as a grown man.  Now that’s not saying that this approach would never ever work, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t.  Too many ladies are resting their seduction on the palms of their physical attributes.  “My panties are off….what’s wrong with you?”  “I’m naked….what’s the issue?”  This shit is almost hilarious, because you complain about the guys who just lead off of their physical attributes.  “I know this is a swinger site, but cmon….sending me dick pics already” or “Can we have a real conversation before you just go into sex”  Which way do you want it ladies?  You want the real genuine guy upfront, but as soon as you decide its ok to take it further, you want the robot dick dude lol.  We all ain’t robot dick dude….and we all ain’t on molly or drunk too much whiskey.  Some of us simply are just lacking your end of the seduction.  And I could understand if you feel that you don’t have to or shouldn’t have to give that level of seduction, but then don’t complain with your results.  


And there’s just too much dick-shaming on guys who have perfectly fine sex lives outside of those experiences.  Yes, there are the occasions when nerves pick up, medical performance issues, molly or whiskey dick, but there is also another reason and ladies you gotta start owning that shit too.  If ladies could feel comfortable calling guys wack cause they couldn’t get up around a bunch of naked women, then technically I should be able to spark the conversation about boring women who feel that just because they are naked every dick should respond the way they want it to.


The art of seduction flows both ways.  If you require or seek a level of seduction, then be willing to give it back….that’s all I’m basically saying.  I know everyone has their own preferences and styles and desires and kinks and and and and…….but look at yourself first when you come into an issue, you just may be the solution to your very own problem.


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  • 3rdparty
    3rdparty  · May 15, 2017
    Very well stated. You should write more blogs
  • sixxxfour
    sixxxfour  · May 12, 2017
    Flawless execution my man
  • MarcnMelissa
    MarcnMelissa  · April 6, 2017
    Can I get an Ahmen ....preach brotha!
  • HusbandsMistress
    HusbandsMistress  · November 29, 2016
    Well said. In my first full swap, which was with a friend and his wife. My friend's wife was naked in front of me, and my dick was not hard. I guided her hand to massage it, and she said "I'm naked why aren't you hard"? My wife...  more