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True Life: My 1st DP Experience (Male's POV)
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True Life: My 1st DP Experience (Male's POV)

Posted By largo707     November 10, 2016    


I have tried it once and here is the experience.....

I knew the guy and the female, as this was not our first time playing together.  This was something that she wanted to try and with my accommodating ass, I said fuck it.  I considered the nuances of the ordeal, but I was cool with the guy.  If things felt too weird for either of us, I felt comfortable with either of us bringing it up and then having a laugh about it afterwards.  This level of comfort definitely helped.

I was sitting on a couch with the female riding me.  He got in back of her and entered her in a somewhat doggie position.  It wasn't easy at first, because there really is an aspect of close proximity.  Through a thin layer of separation I felt him enter her.  He slipped out a few times as we maneuvered and postured.  This was her first time and I don't think it was the most comfortable feeling for her initially either.  Eventually I seen her get more comfortable but it wasn't the OMG this is the greatest feeling in the world vibe.  It was similar to when a female first begins to enjoy anal.  There is still some light pain, but it's now enjoyable at the same time.

We eventually tried different positions.  Silently, we all committed to the experience enough to say that we did it and not just attempted it.  We tried standing up with him entering her anally from behind.  I laid back on the armrest of the sofa with her on top of me and him again entering her from the back.  I don't think that I have a favorite over what was more productive position-wise.  It is definitely trial and error. 

Mentally throughout the experience was weird, different, and somewhat pleasurable.  I enjoyed the taboo aspect of the experience, as well as knowing that she was fulfilling a fantasy of hers.  A part of me felt grateful that I was a part of this experience with her.  The weird and different part was definitely being that close with another man.  At one point I literally had to laugh at myself, because the thought of rhythm came into mind.  As two guys are both stroking away, it can get a lil unstable, especially maintaining certain positions.  I laughed at myself because the thought of who should lead came into play.  I never spoke on it aloud and neither did he, so I was there literally with the thought of should I just follow his lead or maintain my ground lol.  It was easily one of the most awkward thoughts I've ever had sexually.

If you're wondering which stance I went with, I went with both and both were fucking weird too.  I stood my ground and went at my pace, but then it felt like we were battling and adding to more friction.  When I followed his lead, my manhood ego was like dude....WTF.  Like I said both were weird. 

Overall, I have to say it was a weird experience but it wasn't a negative one.  There weren't any bad vibes, just male on male discomfort.  The guy and I never spoke on it and that's probably for the best lol.  Oh and neither of us came, which also was probably for the best.  Would I do it again....I think I would but mostly to justify my entry in the DP record books.  I'm a sicko sometimes lol.


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  • WetDaze
    WetDaze  · November 25, 2016
    Wow.. priceless
  • jaybbc3
    jaybbc3  · November 24, 2016
    This was actually a good read. Informative lol
  • Peachesandreem
    Peachesandreem  · November 10, 2016
    Thank you for sharing! I always wanted to know what the experience is like from a man's point of view
  • XNL721
    XNL721  · November 10, 2016
    Plugs are GOOD!!!!