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Something from my imagination
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Something from my imagination

Posted By SweetsAndT     May 16, 2017    


A black truck pulls into a brick driveway on a quiet street in LA.
 Chris is just getting home from work. Another day of deadlines and quarterly reports. Another hope for promotion crushed. His car still running, he scolds himself while still holding on to the steering wheel.

"What am I doing at this fucking firm? Anyone else with my talents would be partner by now. But if i leave Ill have wasted five years for nothing."
He stares deep into the rearview mirror, disgusted by his own sight.

"You have invested everything. Now look at you, stuck with worthless case after worthless case! There is no ladder for you." 
A million reasons why he was yet again passed up for partner race through his mind. But only one truly haunts him. The Boss's wife, Christmas party 3 years ago.
Chris was moving up in the ranks fast. While assisting on a case against one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the western hemisphere his mentor and lead attorney on the case, Steven Droner was killed in a car accident. Chris was forced into lead counsel and took to it like a shark in chum filled water. In his way were six of the most powerful and influential lawyers in the business.

The multibillion dollar defendant was taken to school by a sharp dressed kid fresh off the bar. The win was tremendous and earned Chris a corner office and his oakwood colored face found itself in law magazines and journals across the country.

The win came fittingly at the end of December. 
  Rogerson & Carmichael was a firm with a reputation for its big wins, highlife and excessive partying. Chris made sure he wasn't celebrating as much as everyone else.

Tiffany Carmichael was twenty years younger than her powerful husband. A trophy in every stereotypical way, but just as vindictive as she was beautiful. No one knows what neglect or infidelity prompted her to spill herself all over Chris that night but she infected the office with a swarm of rumors after commenting on Chris's tall stature and whether it translated to him being hung like a horse. Seeing her milky well manicured hands sliding up and down Chris's shirt must have burned deeply into Mr. Carmichael's soul. She was practically jerking off his new golden boy's tie in the middle of the office. He must have been deafened by the dozens of stares and murmers that clouded the room. Chris could sense the poison in her voice. He eased out of the party and headed straight for the hallway. His wait for the elevator was excruciating. Just as he thought of taking the stares "ding" the doors opened. He stepped in and just as the doors completely shut, they reopened. A red heel and matching miniskirt slipped in. Her thin calves and thighs were coated with eggshell hued muscle. She was a Greek stone. Helena in the flesh.
 "Chris, where are you going?" She moaned. The doors closed behind her. She leaned over and pressed L. There was 28 floors of nowhere to go. "Mrs. Carmichael, I think you might be drunk. Why don't I just get off and..."

"On the contrary Chris. I haven't had a sip tonight, but I could go for something dark and intoxicating right now."

Chris was paralized by fear. If he moved her out of the way to stop the elevator who knew what she might claim. He stood like a lone statue in Tiffany's personal gallery. All he could do was watch the numbers slowly drop as his boss's wife approached. She left a small space between them. The nipples on her expensive breasts poked through a light Biagiotti blouse that struggled to hold on to her bust. She grabbed ahold of Chris's tie, pulled in close and snaked her hand down to his member. He was frozen but his cock was immediately awakened by Tiffany's pulsing grip.

"Cant imagine a big buck like you being frightened by little ol me."
Tiffany wrapped her leg around Chris's waist. Her nails latched on to Chris's belt. The space between them has evaporated. Her tight body pressed against the fullness that grew below her. Her eyes widened as she joyfully clenched her jaws.
"Oh my, Attorney King. I don't know where your more impressive, in the courtroom or in your pants. My god."

Time stood still as Chris pondered his future plummeting at a speed rivaling the elevators descent. A soft kiss on his collar all but sealed his fate.


The doors opened at the lobby and a mobb of Mr. Carmichael's rivals, employees and interns stood awaiting to enter an elevator crowded with heat and tension. Gasps and cleared throats echoed throughout the large lobby hall. Just as she entered, Mrs. Carmichael exited the elevator with a child like grin. Her heels thundered against the marble floor as she parted a quiet sea of suit jackets and silver hair.
Chris paused before he stepped into a silent group of men. Their eyes pierced into him. Each man launched stares hard enough to push Chris back into the closing elevator doors. Chris walked out of the building without a word but he never could escape the cloud Tiffany placed over his career.

So he sits in his truck. The eyes looking back at him have given up. He is spent. The muscles in his forearms are relaxed as he slowly releases the steering wheel and spots movement in his living room window.

It's Alicia, his wife. The only support system he's had since leaving the hard streets of Newark to pursue his dream of becoming an attorney for one of the most successful firms in the world. She gave up her dreams of singing to help fulfill his and tries to understand the frustrations he deals with daily at the office.
  Before Chris can put his key in the door it cracks open. A big brown eye peeks through.

"What's the magic word?"

"open up or I'll blow Your house down lil lady."

Chris leans on the door. Alicia opens it slightly. The smell of something sweet and freshly baked fills Chris's nostrils.

"Is that pastries I smell?"
Alicia raises a sharp eyebrow and slim smile.

"I don't know. Maybe it's your favorite homemade baklava in the oven right now. Too bad your outside looking hungry."
Chris matches her smile.

"Well I am hungry. It's been a long day and if you'd be so kind as to move aside
and allow me to..."
"Uh uh"
"Can we talk this out Ally Cat?"
Ally Cat, a nickname Chris usually reserves for more intimate exchanges.
Alicia's playful defiance continues.

"I said...uh uh."

"Mrs. King, You need to open this door or I'm going to be forced to knock you right on your ass."

Alicia, laughing hysterically.
"You wouldn't dare! That's breaking and entering. I could have you hauled off to jail Attorney King. Your a partner now. That kind of scandal might make the news."

Chris backs from the door.

"Nah baby. Still just another Joe Schmo at the firm. It's like the longer I'm there the further I get from that title."
Alicia slowly opens the door. Her eyes wide and sympathetic.

"Baby are you serious? But you earned that position. Your the chosen one. They prop you up as this great Titan that slayed the dragon at every event. You single-handedly won billions of dollars for those jackals effortlessly.What do they want? Blood? I don't understand. "

"It ain't meant to be understood baby. Just accepted."

Chris walks through the large hallway leading to the kitchen. The black art on the wall seems to be staring in disappointment. He can barely hold his head up. Alicia follows behind somberly  picking up the suit jacket and suspenders Chris has dropped along the way.

"Baby wears the tie I picked out for you? The blue one with the gold diamonds?"

Chris standing at the kitchen island locks eyes with Alicia and states

"I had a panic attack before the meeting with Carmichael,  Rogers and the other goons. I looked at that tie and all I could see was Carmichael gazing at it and thinking of his wife stroking it like my dick."

Alicia erupts into laughter

"You are such a fool! How can you say that? They know you are the best man for the job. Maybe he's testing you or something.  How can..."
"You're not hearing me Ally. There is No "how". There's only "who". Who I am and more importantly who I was with on that elevator."

Alicia struts strongly into the kitchen.
"That bitch! I told you to let me whoop her ass."

Her stance is hard at the stove. Her hands at her hips. Chris is distracted by her posture, set in a silk teddy he hadn't noticed entering the house. He remembers the soft kisses on his chest this morning. Even as he was face to face with Carmichael his thoughts drifted to her soft plump lips and thick pear shaped frame.

Alicia's deepest curves met in the middle of her body, seperating two women in one. Her top petite and adolescent. Perky B cup breasts tipped with wide button nipples. Her neck thin and chiseled into her shoulders. Alicia's  bottom half was full and stout, filling her lower teddy with a stack of almond thigh.

With subtle motion her hips danced beneath thin silk fabric as a child would behind a window curtain. She knows the look Chris is giving her. It always reminds her of the first time they met. It was a small club dancefloor in Harlem. His look Determined, unwavering, lustful. A look that led to a one night stand that has lasted fifteen years.

The heat from his chestnut brown eyes are burning through her. They match the wave of heat radiating from the stove, up her Teddy, blanketing her ass and back.
"What are you doing Chris?"

Chris's face perplexed "Whatever do you mean my love?"

Alicia points as a plaintiff would the accused.
"That stare. There's never anything good behind it."

Chris bites his lip through a grin of bad intentions.
He slips his Gold cufflinks off, setting them down on the island. One by one his buttons unfasten and his intent is clear. The muscles on his thin frame once tense with stress, now tighten in excitement.
Alicia grows moist as she stands trapped between two walls of heat. The fabric barely covering her clings to her skin. Nipples protrude and point with as much conviction as Alicia had just moments ago.

Chris can taste her baking just a few feet away. He unbuckles his belt as if it has bothered him the entire day and steps toward his love.

Her hand raises.

"Wait...take off your shirt and don't take your fucking eyes off me attorney King. I might just get away."

Chris leans back on the island as he pulls the shirt from his shoulders, allowing it to fall to the floor. He then peels off his undershirt.

Alicia loves studying the creases and indentions that seem drawn in Chris's arms and chest. Unclothed she never pictures a high-powered lawyer. She sees a Zulu prince, a conqueror trekking to siege her pussy , soft places and limbs.

He leans back even further, exposing his bare hips. Digging into his boxers he pulls out his hardened excitement as a magician would a dangerous item out of a box. He carefully strokes it in front of her.
"Can I come over there now Ally cat?"
Alicia moans
Then quickly catches herself as she pulls the Teddy up to her hips, unveiling  her pouting flower. Chris's staff stiffens at the sight of Alicia's fuzzy peach. He grips it tighter. The veins in his dick and hand pump and pulsate in unison. He can wait no longer. With every step toward Alicia he kicks off shoe and pant leg until he is standing over her moist, warm body. She places her fingers into the ridges of his chest and collarbone as if she is planning to scale his tall frame. Chris reaches with one hand for the back of her kinky soft hair and hungrily  devours her neck. Alicia stares into the ceiling and imagines the sky opening up. Chris's member pushes against Alicia's pillowy stomach releasing a small pool of sweat from her belly button. Her voice shudders under the pressure of her lover's mouth.
"Take me baby. Take this pussy."

He swirls his tongue around the nape of her neck, down to her chest.  Chris's hand navigates under the teddy and with a strong grip at her breast, he squeezes and glides his thumb gently over a round nipple, hard and wanting.

Alicia's palm finds it's way to a hard shaft. She can barely wrap her fingers around it and feels a hefty heart beat in her hand. She circles the tip around her wet tummy. Her hold mirroring that of a pilot guiding a starship to careful landing. Her Zulu prince's eyes widen as she slides his helmet over her short trimmed hairs, tickling his head. His most aggressive piece put in a vulnerable state. Chris can feel the sensation shoot through his legs like an adrenaline boost, awakening and weakening the sturdiest parts of him. The muscles in Chris's legs regroup. He is ready for more.

"You gonna open up for me Ally? If you want this dick, Imma need that leg."

Alicia wastes no time lifting her leg and elegantly placing it in her lover's arm. With accuracy Chris dips a shallow stroke up into Alicia's wetlands. She gasps as he pulls out. The heat from the oven has intensified. Sweat beads roll down Alicia's lower back but are caught in the cuff of her thick, sun baked ass. Another wave of heat rushes up and into her nether region, forcing her to thrust at Chris's member. He returns two strokes of his own. This time strong and pulsating. A dive into deeper waters, once calm and without current. Alicia now finds her well full and overflowing.
"Please baby...Harder! Grab me...tighter! I love this dick!"

She holds on for dear life as Her powerful concubine cradles her limp limb in his arm and pumps a rhythm into her yearning loins. He has tapped the middle of her drum and it echoes a familiar signal to her heart. Even at this fast pace their eyes are locked. Her leg still firmly in his grasp.
They stop briefly to kiss. Alicia let's one shoulder go to palm and juice her tits. Her wide tongue invades Chris's mouth with deep penetration. Chris is being entered as he enters her. An exchange of moist, cosmic heat electrifies the room. Chris releases the wet thigh he held like a warrior would a shield. He backs away to admire his woman, his wife, still simmering, hot. Alicia holds her leg in place. The ghost of her lover's past strokes haunt her position. A thick, quaking thigh defies gravity. She slowly lowers her foot to the floor and turns away from Chris.
A taste of wind creeps in and blankets Alicia's face and neck. A small reprieve from the index rising inside of her.
She sidesteps in front of the sink and gently lowers her head, arching her back, displaying her hindquarters.

"You ready for me baby? I need you to badger this pussy.  Treat it like a hostile witness. Fuck me Mr. King. I'm at the mercy of your court."

Chris approaches holding his cock as a musician would a new instrument. Alicia, his crooner would soon be made to wale a ripe tune under his pressure and skill. She reaches back to tickle and slightly open her flower. Her pedals damp and calling.  Without warning a strong push spears into Alicia from behind followed by a slap and palm of her plump tremoring cheeks. She notices his shadow painted into the wall, stretching into her. She turns on the tap. Cold water douses her head but cannot put out the bonfire of burning thoughts simmering within. She bucks abruptly against unyielding hips. The smell of heat and sex ascend up and into Chris's nostrils, pressing him to push deeper into a darkness that can only be explored at this angle. His width swells and fills her space. His snaking strokes scale her depths, sending her into an eruption. Her body locks and trembles. Chris knows the turbulence in his lover's body is a flooding orgasm. He holds still. Alicia's moans turn to humming which seem to soothe her shakes and relax her basting flesh. But Attorney King is not finished making his case. He whispers...

"Look back at me baby. Do you feel me? Can I go?"

His conquered queen stares back sharply. 

"Grab my ass baby. This body is built for you...Go!"

Chris obliges with a strong, damp grip of ass and downward strokes. His rhythm aligned with raunchy chants and uncontrollable screams.

"Fuck me King! Fuck me!"

Chris empties within her. His calves harden. His ass clenches, squeezing all of his juice into her.
Spent and weak, he leans into the small of her back then pulls away, but not before Alicia's quivering walls give one last suffocating clutch. She assures he hasn't a drop left to muster.
Alicia turns to her lover panting and soaked.

"Baby,  I have some bad news...I'm pretty sure your pastries are burnt."

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  • Sexichocolate69
    Sexichocolate69  · May 18, 2017
    Sounds good I might make a good Alicia. Lol
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    SweetsAndT  · May 18, 2017
    You volunteering for a role @SexiChocolate ? ߘ
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    Thanks @wildduecez !!!
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