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All the Hugs and Lollipops
    • Last updated May 28, 2017
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All the Hugs and Lollipops

Posted By catsgotya     May 28, 2017    


I am sorry that some of you guys have had less than positive experiences within the LS and in regards to your party experiences. The LS is what you make of it. This world has many different personalities and styles to it. As someone with almost 15 years of experience under my belt, I am ONLY here because I believe in the ideology of what this community can really be. I believe in the vision put forth from the people who created and who continuously contribute RELEVANT information to this website. I believe in the folks who work tirelessly to bring the masses the best experience possible. I am overloading on the word "experience", because it is kind of important here. Information and resources are supplied here by a variety of people who have LIVED this Life, who KNOW the ins and outs of this world, and who LOVE it for what it is. This ain't a cash cow, it's a community. No one is begging anyone or forcing them to come out and play or to even come out and meet people. Whenever people air their grievances, it's fine. It's a safe zone. We don't WANT you to fail. We WANT you to enjoy yourselves to the fullest. And, if we can point out where you have been steering wrong, we will. Everything isn't for everyone. You won't be everyone's speed. No one is obliged to fuck you or to be your friend because you paid to go to a party. Being sexy is objective. None of that has anything to do with bashing a venue because you don't want to pay to go anywhere or because of someone else's bad time. Stay in your lane if it's working for you. We won't cry, we don't judge. But be offensive, and I guarantee that you will be called on it. Call it a life lesson. Best of Luck on whatever constitutes as a Win in your LS journey.


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  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · May 29, 2017
    But yet, my words keep you thinking and commenting. No sorrow here. Thank you kindly for reading and Best of Luck.
  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · May 29, 2017
    Until I get to wield a badge and baton, I won't be that cool. Thanks for the inspiration for next year's Halloween costume. See ya at Caligula!
  • thatguy1
    thatguy1  · May 29, 2017
    @lovinglife It seems like your missing the broad point of it all. You are correct negative experiences are bound to come about for some and should be expressed in a manner to which it could possibly help someone else , but the ultimate goal should be to...  more
  • Sexydiva
    Sexydiva  · May 28, 2017
    Great READ... Some PPL need to read this...