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Just Trying To Get Lucky...
    • Last updated August 22, 2017
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Just Trying To Get Lucky...

Posted By SashaMarc     August 22, 2017    


My background and personal experience is not as a traditional party swinger, but as a Polyamorous couple who shared deep meaningful relationships with other couples... I don't mind "The Endless Emails" as long as it's a real couple on the other side... this lifestyle for me is just as much about the amazing lives I have encountered and been touched by as it is about the BOMB sexual experiences...

That said... we JUST wanted to play... so we posted an ad lol! I get this response from this guy that sparked me to want to dig deeper than "does she like her hair pulled and can she really take the dick?"... It turns out his wife had an affair and he can't get past it... he can't bring himself to understand how she could have a sexual affair that was NOT about sex at all... in fact the sex was bad and per her own admission never compared to her sexual experiences with her husband of 16yrs... She confessed, ended it, and has been so repentant that she ran back to the church...

Well well well... I was still smelling a rat... of course his ass was cheating too... he just NEVER got caught... so you know I got all in his ass, snatched him off his high horse and I think he will go back to his wife with a totally different perspective...

I say all this to say... Society has created this moral code that simply goes against human nature and prevents couples from getting past mundane lower level emotions and having an authentic relationship based on total honesty and constant open communication... here we have two freaks who were likely bored, not communicating their needs, and too selfish to fulfill them for each other... with each other... when the easy answer is to tell their truth to each other, get their relationship out of the ditch, set real rules that accommodate what they both need and want... SWING... every now and then... and live life outside this fake ass boring ass box society and the church says we all should live by but behind closed doors, deep in our psyche, hearts, and minds... NO ONE really lives by...

Thank you for your time...


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  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · August 22, 2017
    Bravo!!! Great perspective. There are many in this world or that enter it trying to use play dates and flirty attention from others as a way to put a bandaid over the gaping wound of their dysfunctional relationships. People who have no patience for the...  more
  • SashaMarc
    SashaMarc  · August 22, 2017
  • Erotic City
    Erotic City  · August 22, 2017
    <p>That guy was life trolling! Great read! You should change the title of this blog because i was almost going to pass it by and this was a good read.</p>