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Event Invites are Ticket Sales Offers
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    • Last updated January 30, 2019
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Event Invites are Ticket Sales Offers

Posted By Whiskey Guy     January 30, 2019    


I get invitations to events occasionally. As a single male who wants to meet new people, it's welcome. What I dislike is the gender disparity in what's considered a welcome invitation and a paid ticket sale. I'm not cheap. I spend money on things that are worth my time and money and effort, like everyone else. And yes, we all know the saying "pussy costs money and dick is free". But I decline every single "invitation" I receive where the Single male needs to waste money on their entry fee and the women are granted free entry.
There's no logical reason behind charging men and giving women free entry to any place where you're having trouble even getting people to want to go to in the first place for 5 days of the week but on that one night you want to charge men $80 to get in and give free entry to females.
Most guys don't even care to be treated the way we do when we're there and the prices for alcohol at the events are so high most of us don't even want to be there in the first place, let alone return at all.
I think you need to change the title from "event invitation" to "ticket sale offer", for every event that costs money. The ones that are free should be invitations.
I get offended when I need to pay to enter a family event. That's not considering someone an "invited guest". It's a "sucker you're selling something to.


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  • catsgotya
    catsgotya  · April 17, 2019
    It is pretty simple. If you don't like the rules, you don't have to go. No one has the time nor interest in playing Russian roulette in the arena of single men who ARE respectful and knowledgeable as well as adept at the concept of consent vs the...  more
  • Whiskey Guy
    Whiskey Guy  · January 31, 2019
    Well thanks for treating all of us like we're all assholes because of a select few dickheads. The general population being mistreated by the few assholes you happen to let into your places make the rest of us who don't deserve that shitty treatment are...  more
  • My Wild Lifestyle
    My Wild Lifestyle  · January 31, 2019
    Its perspective. the reason why men get charged and women dont is because single men tend to make situations uncomfortable more often then single women. Single men tend to come in to LS events thinking its just about having easy free sex , and not...  more