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P.S.A. To My Good People
    • Last updated January 22, 2017
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P.S.A. To My Good People

Posted By catsgotya     January 22, 2017    


There has been a significant amount of unrest over the weekend as far as folks having a lack of success on their various play dates and such. That sucks. It is always a bummer when you anticipate a fantastic and exciting experience and the reality does not live up to expectations. I am here to tell you that we understand and we care. This is a safe zone. Feel free to vent if it helps you get past the disappointment. It gets better.

I would also like for you to understand some simple fundamentals: If YOU are not a porn star or a model, STOP expecting for the folks that you randomly come across on the internet to meet and fuck you like porn stars or models. At least, not for free. It ain't realistic, it is just a win if it ever happens to you.

People will lie about who they are and how they look. People will not always be enthused by what they see when there is that face to face meeting. People are fickle and can be turned off by any damn thing: stinky crotch, bad breath or teeth, weird itching or facial ticks, hyperaggressive behavior, inebriated/intoxicated past the point of comfort, bouts of insecurity raising their ugly head that couldn't be quelled, boundaries being threatened within the name it. Sometimes, we just need a minute to get used to the unknown and unfamiliar. Sometimes, partners get all thrown off of their game by HOW IMMEDIATELY one gets used to the unknown and unfamiliar and their ego gets tweaked. You never know until you are already invested in some way.

Problem is, some of y'all take about 10% of your energy and effort to put into making an effort to choose, COMMUNICATE with, and vet out your potential lovers; and then are butt sore when things don't pan out to a 100% success. The LS might be about the fun, the fuck and the frolick...but if you go into things half-assed or half-cocked with strangers, you are seriously playing Russian Roulette with your chances, your time, your bodies and the bodies of your loved ones.

Don't Play Stupid.




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  • Nikki_Henry
    Nikki_Henry  · February 5, 2018
    Ohhhh and most importantly know your place !!! And communication is key, sometimes one’s actions speak for itself if they aren’t able to communicate But facts
  • Slim (Wild Duecez)
    Slim (Wild Duecez)  · April 16, 2017
    Well put love
  • Jess
    Jess  · January 28, 2017
    MWL needs a love button...ߒ
  • TeeNSolo99
    TeeNSolo99  · January 23, 2017
    Deal with the bs just like the rest of us when dealing with a new couple.