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Thursday Thoughts with SLIM
    • Last updated April 13, 2017
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Thursday Thoughts with SLIM

Posted By Slim (Wild Duecez)     April 13, 2017    


My wife and I have discussed letting her suck off another guy while I watch. It's a fantasy for both of us. I love hearing stories about her past sexual experiences. She was already giving guys hand jobs in middle school. She one time sucked a guy off who had a huge cock and she's also blown a black guy. She tells me these stories while she's sucking my cock. Just curious if this is something we should pursue. My wife is young and attractive. Finding a man willing to let her suck him off would be the easy part. Just not sure how we'll feel afterwards...... MWL, WHAT SAY YOU ????


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  • Slim (Wild Duecez)
    Slim (Wild Duecez)  · April 16, 2017
    Lmfao .... this is not my husband and i are experiencing ... its just something i was reading online in groyps and decided i wanted to know what MWL's thoughts on the situation !!! Thursdays thoughts with slim!!!
  • tonimai
    tonimai  · April 16, 2017
    <p>you guys need to really be on the same page. Talk about it, if there is doubt dont do it. this is wifey speaking</p>
  • welikechocolate
    welikechocolate  · April 16, 2017
    I love watching my wife .She enjoys doing it so it's so much more fun
  • InTheMood11
    InTheMood11  · April 16, 2017
    Prior to us taking a break, our last 2 experiences were doing a mfm and honestly there were moments where I was more turned on just watching. Especially seeing her give head ... so I know what ure feeling bro